28ers Present: CODE (Correction Officer De-Escalation Education)

The criminal justice system is widely inattentive towards the successful rehabilitation of the incarcerated, often seen as punitive or racist. For-profit prison lobbyist push legislative attention and policy away from those who need it most, resulting in a lopsided over funding of prison construction and under-funding of drug treatment, educational programs, violence prevention programs and mental health. 

The 28ers is partnering with All of Us Or None to showcase Code, an educational and informative film on how to manage inmates with mental disorders.  Please join our free event and learn more about how money in politics affects criminal justice policy!

CODE (Correction Officer De-Escalation Education)

Filmmaker Dixie Gamble gained unprecedented access to the prison system and interviewed inmates, correctional officers, and mental health experts. Part documentary and part training film CODE is a public/ private partnership that examines the problem of mental illness in the correction system. No pie charts and no graphs; real people talking about a real problem, in search of real solutions that benefit officers, inmates with mental illness and the families of both.

Interviews with CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS and INMATES sharing their stories of living with MENTAL ILLNESS in PRISON.

Where: The Headquarters Coworking, s, 320 North E Street #100, San Bernardino, CA 92401

When: Sunday, August 28 at 7 PM - 10 PM


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