September 28th News Update


WAVE ONE - The Wide View: The 28ers will talk about their organization, the role of money in politics and the challenges and roadblocks to scaling up Bernie's grassroots funding to local candidates nationwide.

WAVE TWO - The Close View: The Candidates will talk about their history with Bernie's campaign and relationship to activism and social change as well as what they hope to acheive for their local communities. 

WAVE THREE - Questions and Answers: The audience will be allowed to ask questions and make comments about the needs of our region, as well as address comments and claims made by the candidates in attendence. 

WAVE FOUR - The Potluck: Folks Are Encouraged to Continue Their Conversations in the Lobby Area.


Bobbi Chavarria 
School Board Member for Fontana Unified School District

Dustin J. Foster
At Large City Council Member for Redlands

Blanca Gomez
At Large City Council Member for Victorville 

Jorge Lopez
As State Congressmen for the 67th District Assembly 

Abigail Medina
As State Congresswoman for the 40th District Assembly 

Silvia Ortega
School Board Member for Jurupa Unified School District

Darrell Peeden
Mayor for Moreno Valley

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