The 28ERS Presents | California's Single-Payer Forum (SB 562)

The 28ers and California Partnership are jubilant at the prospect of co-hosting a community forum on SB 562, also known as Californians for a Healthy California Act. Campaign for a Healthy California, California Nurses Association and National Nurses United worked hard to get SB 562 introduced, thank you. It was introduced by Senators Lara and Atkins on February 17, 2017.

If a broad-based coalition of folks from across the political spectrum can all agree that our current system is immoral and deplorable, as well as inefficient and needlessly expensive and then work to force the political elites to listen to our one demand, SB 562 will finally make a single-payer health system possible in the State of California. After tragic attempts in Vermont with Bernie Sanders pushing hard and then being betrayed it the state's governor, after ColoradoCare was dismembered by Big Pharma, California must finally be the state to valiantly beat back the profit-vultures of Private-Healthcare-Complex

Join us to learn about the bill and help create a 'swarmwise' campaign to create a more loving society. And starting with California, we can give the gift of universal access to all.

Here Is the text of SB 562:

California Partnership is an economic justice statewide coalition of low income, people of color and community-based groups, organizing and advocating for the policies and programs that work to reduce and end poverty.

Here is a link to California Partnership's website:

Here they are on Facebook:

Campaign for a Healthy California

Works to build and broaden a grassroots movement to replace private health insurance with guaranteed healthcare for all Californians.

Here is a link to Campaign for a Healthy California's website:

California Nurses Association


The 28ers is a post-partisan justice movement that is horizontal and hopes to join forces with organizations, communities and kindred spirits to evoke the change that America never knew it needed in the first place. The vision of our movement calls for a one-vote, one-voice democracy by creating a 4th branch of government to oversee, audit and distribute campaign contributions. To do this, we created our own 28th Amendment that was envisioned, drafted and revised over a four-month period. Our Amendment calls for a National Holiday on the election date, and creates a monetary lottery system that rewards voter participation. The amendment, though, is ultimately a people-powered act of legislation that aims to ban corporations as humans, money as speech, and requires all federal elections to be publicly funded, exclusively:

1) A Fourth Branch of Government that Oversees, Audits and Distributes Campaign Funds to Successful Candidates Based on Public Financing from Volunteer-Only Signatures; Branch Auditors Are Directly Elected by the Public.

2) Proclaims that Money Is Not Speech;

3) Corporations Are Not People;

4) To Encourage Voting, Citizens Who Vote on Election Day Are Immediately Entered into Lottery Where 50 Folks Per State Win $100,000, Tax Free. So Who Pays? The Money Is Taken Entirely from Congressional Pay!

5) And Lastly, Our Amendment Calls for a National Holiday on Election Day.


March 28, 2017 at 6pm - 7:30pm
Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside
3657 Lemon St
Riverside, CA 92501
United States
Google map and directions
jeff green · · 951-999-7184

Will you come?

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