The 28ERS Presents | The Buying Up of Election 2016



Please join The 28ers for a Potluck Celebration to inaugurate our 4th Anniversary of existence! Once an affinity group from Occupy Riverside, we have now become a non-profit during the process of organizing 48 monthly events in a row since first starting on October 28th, 2012. In doing so, The 28ers have hosted dozens of monthly events covering immigration, incarceration, education, the military-industrial-complex and many more issues that are aggravated by the cancer of our democracy, money in politics. The 28ers will be providing cake and drinks, while folks are encouraged to bring other dishes.


With Donald Trump getting bankrolled by Paypal's Peter Thiel and Hillary Clinton just now passing the $1 billion mark for fundraising, one has to wonder when elections cease to be about solutions and visions for a salvagable Earth, and devolve into being nothing more than policy auctions to the highest bidder. As one infamous protestor proclaimed at Occupy Wall Street, "Money is the Root of All Politics." As human inequalities continue to explode and as the biosphere continues to spiral into collapse due to the fossil fuel industries, time is dying above us. The poisonous root of this invasive weed must be hacked out.

The 28ers is proud to feature the local legend, activist and community organizer, Elizabeth Ayala, who will provide a breakdown on who's buying who when it comes to the California ballot initiatives and candidates running in local and state office. The 28ers will therein provide a broad canvas-view of the funding for national campaigns and provide a solution to getting money out of politics.

Facebook Event

When: Friday 28th of October at 7 PM - 9 PM

Where: Mexicali Bar and Grill
            1690 Spruce St, Riverside, California 92507



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